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Standard features:

  • 2000 Lt. polyethylene tank with large lid strainer & power mixer strainer.
  • Heavy duty galvanises steel chassis.
  • Slide away steps.
  • Side protection bars.
  • Front protection bars.
  • "Arrow head" front.
  • Adjustable drawbar for length & height with tow ring.
  • Heavy duty axle assemblies, adjustable for height & width.
  • Varying sizes of fans from 28" to 36".
  • Pump choices & sizes (Catterin or Bertolini).
  • Arrow head front with side & front protection bars.
  • Slide away step in operating position.
  • Heavy duty chassis assembly (fully galvanised).
  • Large implement rim & tyre assembly (8 or 10 ply rating).
  • "Arrow head" design of chassis, all fully galvanised.
  • Bertolini PA154 pump shown (other Bertolini models are available) Optional pump - Catterin in various sizes. Catterin pumps have brass heads & conduits.
  • Large filter model 316 Arag.
  • Cable control pressure controller fitted. Cables are "in-cab" mounted for operator safety.
  • Hydraulic hoses on "arrow head" platform. These hoses operate the "tilt fan" at the rear of the unit (this item is optional).
  • View of operators step in the extension layout.
  • Art 59 Pentamatic rotary valve incorporating a pressure valve (with inbuilt relief) with sectional control for right hand, left hand or both with full bypass section and pressure agitation.
  • All pressure hoses are single wire hydraulic quality & bypass is low pressure safety hose.

The TPD 2000 trailing air blast sprayer can quite easily be described as the most strongest horticultural air blast sprayer today.
Starting with its unique 'arrow head' designed front, this unit also boasts a heavy duty chassis with adjustable axles for both width and height, an adjustable tow bar with multi-positional towing length and a swivel towing ring.
Hubs are heavy duty with high ply rating implement tyres.
Fans are the famous Ciclone brand from Italy and are available in widths from 32" to 36", with or without straightening vanes and with optional tilt facility for terrace plantings or for upper and lower volutes for macadamia, avocado or mango plantations where side slopes are encountered.
High quality Catterin diaphragm pumps are fitted and coupled with manual controls or with electronic controls, this model without question will be the answer to any growers dreams.

TPD 2000

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