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Mirotone designs, develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of industrial surface coatings to protect and beautify wood, paper, metal and other specialty substrates.


World Class MIROCURE UV Products

Mirotone has over thirty years experience developing, manufacturing and marketing ultraviolet (UV) cure coatings. We are pleased to present our UV coating range specially developed for the engineered flooring market.

Mirotone has both 100% solids and waterborne MIROCURE UV primers designed to promote the best adhesion to soft, oily tropical and dense hardwood substrates. Excellent substrate bonding prevents delamination and white marking under sharp impact.

Putty A highly transparent gel which enhances the natural look of the wood and provides excellent deep filling for both substrate imperfections and deep pored wood. Application is by hand or heavy duty putty machine.

High viscosity, machine pumpable fillers that provide excellent grain filling properties and abrasion resistance where deep grain filling is required.

Display superior clarity and levelling with good filling properties. MIROCURE UV sealers provide an abrasion resistant base for Mirotone's UV topcoats. Due to excellent levelling, minimum sanding of the sealer is required.

MIROCURE UV Clear Topcoats
MIROCURE UV clear topcoats have been specially formulated for flooring to be durable, hardwearing and scratch resistant. Topcoats are available in a range of standardised gloss levels.

Where additional abrasion resistance and durability is required (due to buyer specification or where thin veneer flooring is to be coated) Mirotone offers UV sealers and topcoats containing ceramic material.

MIROCURE UV Ancillary Range
Mirotone's UV ancillary range includes UV colourants, 100% solids UV reducers, adhesion promoters, UV accelerators, gloss modifiers and equipment cleaning products.

MIROLAC NC Nitrocellulose Lacquers
Data Sheets Mirotone produces a range of the highest quality pigmented nitrocellulose lacquers. Compliance with Australian and European standards, makes MIROLAC NC coatings ideal for use on children's toys, domestic funiture and wardrobes.

MIROLAC NC Pigmented Undercoats
Easy to use and economical pigmented undercoats result in an excellent base for topcoating. MIROLAC NC 3130 can be tinted with left over MIROLAC NC 3150 topcoat resulting in improved coverage, reduced number of topcoats required to achieve opacity and reduced topcoat waste.

MIROLAC NC Pigmented Topcoat
This easy to use, economical topcoat can be tinted to colours from Mirotone's own fandeck range and colours from leading laminate and architectural coating suppliers.

MIROCAT PC Precatalysed Lacquers
Mirotone produces a complete range of high quality precatalysed lacquers.

MIROCAT PC Clear Sealers
MIROCAT PC sanding sealers provide an excellent sanding base for precatalysed (PC) lacquer topcoats. Fast dry time and excellent free sanding properties result in reduced down time between coats. Superior build means that the number of topcoats can be kept to a minimum. Mirotone's range includes sealers that isolate waxes in medium density fibreboard (MDF) thereby minimising the risk of wax extraction. MIROCAT PC clear sealers can be applied over dark timbers or stains to enhance the natural colours without compromising the clarity.

MIROCAT PC Clear Topcoats
MIROCAT PC clear topcoats are premium, single pack precatalysed lacquers which offer an excellent finish straight off the gun. They offer superior flow and levelling with a smooth silky feel, low yellowing, low bubbling, good flexibility and chemical resistance.

MIROBILD AC Acid Catalysed Range
Mirotone offers a broad range of Acid Catalysed (AC) lacquers in clear and pigmented systems in a range of gloss levels for application to interior wood.
MIROBILD AC Acid Catalysed coatings have the following properties:

  • Easy to apply
  • Free sanding
  • High build
  • Rapid dry times
  • Superior physical properties (when compared to NC & PC lacquers)
  • Long pot life

Acid Catalysed coatings are recommended for application in demanding environments such as table tops, commercial furniture, kitchens and hotel fit-outs. Due to their long pot life they are ideal for automatic coating lines.

MIROBILD AC Clear Sealers & Topcoats

MIROBILD AC Clear Sealers MIROBILD AC 3622 Clear Sealer
A free sanding sealer for interior wood. It retains good clarity over dark stains and timber and provides a sound, flexible base for subsequent topcoats. In addition to its application on solid wood and wood veneers, MIROBILD AC 3622 has been specially formulated to provide sound adhesion to DAP and vinyl coated board (commonly used in the casket industry).

MIROBILD AC 3626 Clear Sealer
A two pack acid catalysed sealer that enhances the natural appearance of wood and wood related substrates. MIROBILD AC 3626 is a high build, fast drying, easy to apply sealer suitable for application by manual or automatic spray equipment onto wood, DAP and vinyl coated substrates.

MIROBILD AC 3628 Clear Sealer
A high build clear sealer for interior wood, MIROBILD AC 3628 is extremely easy to sand and fast drying which makes it ideal for spray application on automatic and conveyor driven production environments where manual sanding is required in-line.

MIROBILD AC Clear Topcoats

MIROBILD AC 3602 Clear Topcoat
A rapid drying acid catalysed topcoat with long pot life MIROBILD AC 3602 clear topcoat is recommended for production environments where fast throughput is required. It is free sanding and may be used as its own sealer, particularly where subdued gloss levels are required. MIROBILD AC 3602 is ideal for kitchens, table tops, commercial cabinetry, hotel fit-outs and other demanding in-service environments. Available in Matt, Satin & Semi Gloss.

MIROBILD AC 3606 Clear Topcoat
A low yellowing, low odour, low formaldehyde, isocyanate free clear acid catalysed topcoat suitable for interior wood. The long pot life makes MIROBILD AC 3606 ideally suited to automatic line operations. Ideal for use on quality furniture and fittings, kitchens, cabinets and commercial fit-out especially where internal air quality is critical during application. Available in Matt, Satin, Semi Gloss & Full Gloss.

MIROBILD AC 3646 Clear Topcoat
A high solids, fast drying coating available in Satin, Semi Gloss & Gloss. The high gloss has been specially formulated for the casket industry.

MIROPOL PE Polyester Coatings

Mirotone produces a range of high build polyester coatings.

MIROPOL PE 5110 Easy Sand White Undercoat
An easy to sand, high build base coat, MIROPOL PE 5110 is an ideal undercoat for MDF and particleboard. Suitable for topcoating with MIROBILD AC and MIROTHANE PU topcoats.

MIROPOL PE 5111 High DOI White Undercoat
A high build white polyester undercoat for MDF and particleboard. It provides excellent hold-up for full gloss polyurethane topcoats resulting in a superb distinction of image (DOI). MIROPOL PE 5111 has an extremely long pot life which makes it ideal for high volume production environments where large coating volumes are mixed and for automatic spray application.

MIROTHANE PU Polyurethane Coatings

Mirotone's comprehensive range of two component MIROTHANE PU coatings for interior wood offer a solution that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Depending upon requirements, Mirotone has MIROTHANE PU coatings that deliver outstanding gloss, distinction of image, hardness and in-service durability as well as PU coatings that are economical and easy to apply. A broad range of MIROTHANE PU Part B Hardeners offer customers and specifiers the opportunity to match the drying times, degree of yellowing, cost, speed of dry and build to the requirements of the job at hand. Our range of two pack polyurethane coatings is second to none. Whether in clear or pigmented versions, Mirotone has a PU coating system with the properties you require.

MIROTHANE PU Clear Coatings

MIROTHANE PU Clear Sealers
MIROTHANE PU clear sealers provide an excellent sanding base for polyurethane topcoats. High build and fast dry times coupled with excellent free sanding properties result in reduced time between coats and reduced number of coats required.

Clear Sealer Rapid dry, economical, easy to apply furniture grade clear sealer with a 24 hour pot life.

MIROTHANE PU 5545 Marine Grade Clear Sealer
Flexible sealer with good clarity, superior chemical resistance and resistant to white marking under sharp impact.

MIROTHANE PU Clear Topcoats
MIROTHANE PU clear topcoats are easy to apply, two pack, rapid cure, clear polyurethane coatings used for high quality fixtures and furniture finishings. MIROTHANE PU products are designed for interior use only and have been formulated to have superior resistance to water, household cleaning chemicals, marring and scuffing. The products are designed to have a high level of clarity that results in striking grain definition and enhances the natural beauty of the wood. The combination of low bubbling, quick dry time and excellent flow ensures the smoothest possible finish combined with superior gloss retention for a fuller finish. Available in Matt, Satin, Semi Gloss & Full Gloss.

MIROTHANE PU 5555 Clear Marine Grade Topcoat
Premium high build topcoat with superior water and chemical resistance.

MIROTHANE PU 5588 Clear Topcoat
Rapid dry, economical, easy to apply furniture grade clear topcoat with a 24 hour pot life.

Mirotone Ancillary Products

Mirotone produces a range of aftercare and ancillary products for wood repair and furniture restoration. This range of effective yet easy-to-use products complement Mirotone's range of interior wood coatings.

MIROWAX 735 - Wax Sticks
MIROWAX 735 non-silicone instant repair timber wax putty sticks are ideal for the repair of minor scratches and surface defects on furniture. Unlike other water or solvent-based putties, MIROWAX 735 is quick and easy-to-use and can be recoated or polished immediately after use. As these sticks are made entirely from wax, they have an indefinite shelf life.

MIROWAX 738 - Finishing Wax
MIROWAX 738 is an environmentally friendly wax polish designed to clean, seal and protect while providing a protective, heat and alcohol resistant coating. Made from a blend of beeswax and tree oils, MIROWAX 738 is a multi-purpose finishing wax that is both non-flammable, non-toxic and may be used on children's furniture. Suitable for use on varnish, single pack lacquer, shellac and raw timber. This natural wax finish is designed to produce a low gloss lustre on teak or where the appearance of natural timbers is to be enhanced. It may be applied with a soft rag, steel wool or sprayed when diluted with mineral turpentine.

Spray Glow
Spray Glow is a lightly perfumed, silicone-free furniture polish which has been specifically formulated to clean and protect both lacquered and unlacquered wooden articles. Spray Glow is also fully recoatable, which means the existing lacquer finish does not have to be stripped back to allow new lacquers to be applied, as is required when using polishes containing silicone. Spray Glow is suitable for cleaning and protecting any low gloss surface, including laminated bench tops and cupboards.

Spraylac is a pre-catalysed, solvent-based, durable, clear finish which is ideal for the repair of scratches and surface defects on lacquered furniture. Simply spray from the easy-to-use aerosol can and scratches disappear with no mess and no brush marks. Spraylac is also handy for finishing off small or intricate wooden articles that require a lacquered finish.

MIROPUTTY 1600 (916)
Designed to stop, fill and seal in a single operation, MIROPUTTY 1600 is ideal for filling knotholes, splits, joints, nail holes and blemishes in all types of timber. MIROPUTTY 1600 is a water-based filler suitable for manufacturing, repairing or restoring all types of interior furniture or woodwork in both industry and in the home.



Applications Methods

Dry Speed


A low odour wood dye stain suitable for automatic line application, it provides the darkest uniform colour.
Spray or Automatic Roller Coater
Grain raising wood dye stain which provides uniform colour.
Spray or Wipe
Grain raising wood dye stain which enhances the timber grain while providing a uniform stained appearance.
Spray or Wipe
An easy to use and versatile dye stain that accentuates the wood grain features. It provides the greatest contrast between dark and light grain.
Spray, Wip or Dip
A versatile dye stain that accentuates the wood grain features but is slightly lighter in colour and less grain contrast than MIROSTAIN 2015.
Brush, Spray, Wipe or Dip
 MIROSTAIN Pigment Stains
An easy to use pigmented stain that offers traditional strong stain colours which accentuate the grain.
Brush, Spray, Dip and wipe even
Ready for use pigment stain which provides uniform even colours whilst enhancing the appearance of the grain.
Brush, Spray, Dip and wipe even
 MIROSTAIN Water Based Stains
A low odour water based wood dye stain which provides a low contrast uniform stain and an almost pigment stain look.
Spray or wipe on and wipe even.

Marine - Interior Fitout

Mirotone has had a long association with the marine industry supplying MIROTHANE two-pack polyurethane coating systems for use as a clear wood finish on interior solid or veneer timber substrates. Many of the mega-yachts and launches built in Australia & New Zealand in recent years feature an interior finish utilising MIROTHANE PU coatings to achieve great looking and long lasting fine wood finishes.

The certification of the MIROTHANE PU Marine Grade Clear Polyurethane system has enhanced Mirotone's service by providing:

IMO - Marine Fire Rating Compliance

Fire testing procedures and ratings for interior marine surface finishes are set by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974, as amended. The SOLAS convention was established in 1914 in response to the earlier "Titanic" disaster, and is administered by the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organisation (a United Nations Agency).

The SOLAS convention (Chapter II-2) makes the provisions of the International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures (FTP Code) mandatory.

The MIROTHANE PU Marine Grade Clear Coating System has been tested by VTEC Laboratories Inc. of New York (Test report No. VTEC #100-1505-2 dated 22/4/2002 - copies available on request) and complies with the requirements of:

IMO Resolution MSC 61(67) FTP Code
Part 2 (smoke and toxicity test)
Part 5 (test for surface flammability)

and as such meets the requirements of SOLAS Chapter II-2.

Type Approval Certification
Det Norske Vertias (DNV) establishes rules and guidelines for the classification of ships, mobile offshore platforms and other floating marine structures and issues rules and standards for the classification, certification and verification of fixed offshore structures. DNV is authorised to act on behalf of some 130 national maritime authorities.

The Mirotone PU Marine Grade Clear Coating System has type approval certification (certificate No. F-16928 dated 8/4/2002 - copies available on request) from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as a "Surface Material of Low Flame Spread" and may be applied as a low flame spread coating, not generating excessive quantities of smoke or toxic products in a fire.

EC Type-Examination Certificate
The European Union is replacing individual national regulations of member countries with a series of Directives. These directives are legislative instruments, which oblige member states to introduce them into their existing laws

The EC Type-Examination Certificate (also called CE Marking) is applied to products that comply with all applicable European Union Directives. EC Type-Examination Certification verifies compliance with both design and production quality requirements. Once compliance with all applicable Directives has been verified for a product, that product can be legally, and without restriction, placed on the market of any European Union member coutry.

The MIROTHANE PU Marine Grade Clear Coating System is EC Type-Examination Certified (certificate No. MED-B-1524. dated 8/4/2002 - copies available on request) by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as per Directive 96/98/EC on Marine Equipment, as amended, issued as "Forskrift om Skipsutstyr" by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. This means that the coating system is approved for use on any ship, mobile offshore platform or other floating marine structure designed to be sold in the European Union.

EC Type-Examination Certification (CE Marking) is valid in various other countries outside of the European Union (e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Isreal, Japan) through Mutal Recognition Agreements for Conformity Assessments.

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