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Lawn, Yard or Professional Tractor

Lawn Tractors
With a 42" deck, this is ideal for mowing relatively flat lawns up to 2 acres.
Yard Tractors
With its larger seat, decks from 42" to 46" and Craftsman exclusive Platinum engine by Briggs & Stratton and other comfort and performance features, yard tractors are ideal for lawn over 2 acres.
Professional Tractors
With decks from 48" to 54" and professional quality engines, these tractors pack power, quality and comfort that are usually found on much more expensive models.


  • CRAFTSMAN EXCLUSIVE from Briggs & Stratton
  • Qualified to 25% longer engine life
  • Full pressure lubrication at all angles of operation for extended engine life
  • Advanced Debris Management System easy-to-use oval filter delivers maximum dirt and debris protection
  • Surefire spark every time with MRS (Most Reliable Starting)
  • Premium components, including oil and fuel filter, extend engine life


An Anti-Vibration System [AVS®] eliminates side-to-side motion of traditional counter and rotating balance designs to provide a smooth ride,
extend equipment life and less wear and tear.

V-Twin engines are naturally counter-balanced resulting in:

  • More power
  • Less vibration
  • Quieter operation
  • Less wear and tear

It is important to select an engine manufacturer that has a long history of delivering durability and performance. One that offers an extensive lineup of engines that are engineered for performance on a budget and those designed for superior power and reliability. Our lubrication systems keep your mower going and can feature such options as automotive-style dipsticks, spin-on oil filters and easy access service points.

Extended Life Series
Splash Lubrication System Positive gear-driven system bathes all internal engine parts with oil
Pressure Lubrication System with Spin-On Oil Filter Controlled flow of cleaner oil to lower bearing for less wear and longer life
Full Pressure Lube System with Spin-On Oil Filter Automotive type oil system for cooler operation and longer life

KOHLER engines deliver a promise of premium quality, high durability and performance that professionals trust.

ALL KOHLER engines include professional Grade Features:

  • Overhead valve for smoother running, better fuel economy and extended engine life
  • Cast Iron Liners extend the engine life
  • Full Pressure Lubrication to continuously distribute oil to all critical rotating parts to extend the engine life

Kohler Pro Courage Single Cylinder Engines:
Additional Features:

  • Dual-Reciprocating Balance System provides smooth, comfortable operation
  • Twin-Cam Design and cross-flow cylinder head technology for superior cooling that extends engine life and reliability
  • Inverted Crankcase ensures leak proof operation
  • Tri-phase air induction system, sound deadening valve cover and high performance polymer gears ensure quiet, smooth operation
  • Large air and fuel filters for extra protection

Kohler Pro Courage Twin Cylinder Engines:
Additional Features:

  • High horsepower for tough mowing conditions
  • High torque starter for more reliable starting
  • High-flow modulated cooling fan provides superior cooling and quieter operation
  • Top-Mount air filter for quicker inspection and easier maintenance


Craftsman deck sizes range from 42" to 54".
While lawn size is important; keep in mind gates, storage and cut.

42" decks can fit through most gates and fit into most storage buildings. 42" to 46" decks give you a manicured finish.
Larger decks are ideal for large acreage to get the job done fast.

  • Less than 1 acre - choose from 42"
  • Under 2 acres - consider a 42" or 46" deck
  • Larger than 2 acres - move up to 48" or 54" deck

Precision Cut mowing system
Available in 42" and 46". Decks have been designed to allow for optimum air flow which lifts the grass for a superior cut, optimum cut, optimum bagging and even clipping disbursement.

Fender mounted deck lift
Spring assisted deck lift can be raised with one finger.

Durable steel construction
Built to provide you with years of quality cutting

Vented design
Draws air through the top to create a powerful vacuum effect

Gauge wheels
Keep the deck level while mowing and help prevent scalping.

Nose roller
Helps prevent scalping grass while mowing. Standard on 48" and 54" deck tractors. .44


Our side discharge deck also offers alternatives for handling your clippings. With the purchase of an optional mulch kit, you can return clippings to the soil for added nutrients. With an optional bagger, you can collect your clippings, or fall leaves, for disposal.

Side discharge
When your lawn is too high to mulch, and you aren't using a bagger.

Cuts clippings very small and returns to your lawn to add beneficial nutrients to the soil.

Gives your lawn that clean, well-manicured look. Also a great alternative to leaf raking


6-Speed Gear Transmission (manual)

  • More control on hilly terrain
  • Use the lower gears to emphasize power
  • Use the higher gears for lower power and greater speed
  • Must stop to change speed or go from forward to reverse

Automatic Transmission

  • Ideal for relatively flat lawns with obstacles
  • Uses a system of belts and pulleys to change speeds
  • No shifting or clutching to change speeds
  • Fender mounted speed control

Premium Hydrostatic Automatic Transmission

  • Ideal for relatively flat lawns with obstacles
  • Sealed system uses fluid to drive pumps to control speed; similar to an automobile transmission.
  • Smooth operation
  • Available in fender mount or pedal speed control


As with tractor type and engine size, you should consider the jobs you need to accomplish when deciding which features you would like on your new Craftsman tractor.

Superior turning ability Our tractors feature a turning radius that range from 16" to 18" (varies by model) which enables you to get in and out of the tightest spots. Our tight turning radius, coupled with our sector and pinion dual drag link steering system, will save time by allowing you to mow almost anywhere. This enables you to cut closer to trees and flower beds so you can reduce cutting time.

Craftsman tractors features an ergonomic design tailored to fit any body style. From automotive style seat slides to a wider step thru area, your tractor means comfort. Features such as a fender mounted deck lift system and easy to engage manual clutch, reduce your efforts and provide greater ease of operation.


Lawn Series

Yard Series

Professional Series



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