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Cox Stockman Range.

The Stockman range of advanced ride-on mowers are designed and developed in Australia to take on the worlds' best. A ride-on mower range that's been designed entirely around the needs of the people who will ride them. Everything you've ever wanted in a ride-on mower has been brought together in this breakthrough range of mowers under the tried and proven Cox Stockman brand. Luxury features are to be found everywhere. A design that'll be modern and admired for many years ahead, matched with the superb engineering that only Cox can do so well. Within the Stockman range there's a model to suit every mowing need. From the 13.0 H. P. 32" (805mm) cut unit that's ideal for small acreage lawn care to the powerful and efficient 18.0 H. P. 40" (1005mm) that's ideal for contractors and councils. But every Cox Stockman comes with the same attention to detail and quality that makes Cox the standard by which all other ride-on mowers are judged.

  • Eleven models to choose from – a unit for every mowing environment.
  • Streamlined, modern design... soft curves and advanced geometry will still be admired many years ahead.
  • Proven, long life, friction drive system with instant forward/reverse. Easy, heel-toe operation has less parts, less maintenance, less wear. Automatic variable speed dependant on pedal pressure.
  • Grouped, colour coded controls make it easy for new users to start mowing effortlessly and confidently.
  • Value for money – this advanced design blends with manufacturing efficiencies and the proven re-sale value of Cox to deliver true value for money and security for your investment.
  • All models powered by reliable Briggs and Stratton OHV 4 stroke I/C A.V.S. engines with screw on oil filter.
  • Quiet and comfortable – built for maximum operator comfort including sophisticated vibration and noise dampening.
  • Laser 'Cut & Keyed' chassis construction produces an integrated chassis platform unrivalled for strength, durability, stability and rider comfort. Virtually eliminates flexing over rough terrain.
  • New, engineering grade, polypropylene body panels – can't rust and resist dents and scratches. Fitted with quarter turn, easy open snap latches for easy access to engine and transmission.
Ducted Forced Air Intake Cleverly designed moulded ducting forces air directly to the engine fan for maximum intake ventilation even in dry, dusty conditions or in high load, slow speed situations. Specially designed exhaust vents dissipate engine heat efficiently when the machine is stopped.

Commanding Forward Vision

Sloping bonnet and carefully positioned seating combines comfort, control and a clear view of what lies ahead. You'll feel secure and in control.

Easy Touch Cutter Engage

All controls are colour and shape coded and effortless to operate. Power and cutting controls are grouped to the right, braking controls to the left for ease of use and maximum safety.

More Storage

There's even a coin/key holder so you always know where the keys to the shed are. Plus a handy lunch or tool box to stow pliers, wire and other essential bits and pieces.

Cargo Net

Expanding cargo net holds all your gear — gloves, sunscreen, work hat — all conveniently stored.

Easy Action Controls

Minimal effort, grouped and colour coded controls make it a breeze for even `first-timers' to start mowing confidently.

Extra Strong Cutting Deck

Formed and welded, 3mm thick cutting deck for long life and to prevent damage from flying debris.

The Best Seat In The House

You'll want to spend a lot of time in this seat. A specially moulded, wrap around shape to keep you firm and comfortable, even when traversing sloping ground. Padded and spring mounted, multi position slide adjustment.

Drink Holder

We've thought of everything. Even a moulded water bottle holder, so you can mow to your hearts' content.

Easy Empty

You need never leave your seat to empty the big capacity catcher. One simple lever action parks your clippings just where you want.

Briggs & Stratton 'Vanguard' twin cylinder engine-fitted to Cox 18 H. P. (13.4KW) models.

Catching what the others leave behind

With their counter-rotating blades and direct, flow-through blast tunnel, Stockman's rear catchers lift and collect more grass clippings even when they're damp!

Stockman has been designed, from the ground up, around international standards of ergonomic best practice. Every control has been positioned to deliver maximum comfort to the operator and to minimise fatigue. Stockman machines have been developed around the needs of professional operators who spend long hours in the saddle. The result is a mower that is a pleasure to use... A real armchair ride.

Cox Lawn Boss

Until now, a brand new Aussie-made ride-on mower that also delivered exceptional value was as rare as hens teeth. Now Lawn Boss delivers a dependable ride-on mower at an affordable price... and its made Aussie-tough, here in Australia. If you've got 1 – 2½ acres to mow, and you don't need all the bells and whistles, take a good look at Lawn Boss.

  • Tuff-Torq hydrostatic drive, smooth and quiet transmission with inbuilt differential for tighter turning.
  • Single pedal control, simple, direct heel and toe control of forward and reverse.
  • Pivoting Front Axle, just like more expensive mowers, Lawn Boss front axle pivots over uneven ground, preventing undue flexing and stress to the chassis.
  • Reliable Briggs & Stratton power, 13 H.P. (9.7KW) and 17 H.P. (12.7KW) electric start, electronic ignition, delivers all the grunt you'll need around typical small acreage plots.
  • Formed & welded steel cutting deck, 32" cutting width, heavy duty, swing back blades.
  • Adjustable tie rod ends on 17 H.P. model.

Single Pedal Control

Easy, heel/toe control over forward and reverse, no grasping for levers.


Hydrostatic transmission fitted as standard equipment, Smooth and quiet.

Drinks Holder

Moulded guards include handy drink storage.

Pivoting Front Axle

Irons out ground undulations, prevents excess twisting to the chassis.

Cox 32" series

The "32" has been designed to bring 'big mower' style, comfort and operating features to a compact unit that's ideal for the 'first-time' user, with around 1 to 2 acres to take care of, where the combination of a 13 or 15 H.P. engine with a 32" (805mm) cutting deck makes light work of even the toughest lawns. The "32" blends the modern technology of injection moulded, industrial strength polypropylene body panels - that can't rust and resist scratches and dents - with the tried and proven Cox friction drive system. Plus, the new step-through chassis design offers easy operator access. The unitary chassis is laser cut and keyed for precise alignment and additional strength and stability, protecting your mower from flexing when traversing rough or uneven terrain.

  • 32" (805mm) formed and welded steel cutter deck, 3mm thick - minimises deck damage from thrown objects.
  • 13 H.P. (9.7KW) and 15 H.P. (11.2KW) Briggs and Stratton power. Electric start Power Built I/C engine delivers all the cutting power you'll need, and more, around small acreage plots.
  • Legendary heel/toe friction drive system - fewer moving parts, low maintenance, single pedal control of forward/reverse.
  • Pivoting front axle: similar to far more expensive models, the 32's front axle and cutter pivots over uneven ground, reducing the chance of 'scalping' and undue stress on the chassis.
  • Drive Belts - straight line, B section belts without idler pulleys - offer direct, positive, reduced wear and simple replacement.


Industrial grade polypropylene body panels with moulded drink holder and handy storage trays.


Greasable Kingpins and adjustable tie rod ends. 15 H.P. model only.


Pivoting front axle and cutter deck irons out undulating ground.


The legendary Cox friction drive system. Fewer moving parts, low maintenance, single pedal forward/reverse.

Stockman Specifications
Size - 400k

Lawn Boss Specifications
Size - 100k

32" Series
Size - 109k

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